Video/EEG analysis

After a quick analysis of the EEG data and the tracked gaze-points, a few relations could be seen between design patterns and EEG activity. Although it is premature to generalise the results, it is interesting to see peaks in certain areas of the brain, corresponding with events or gazed objects in the video such as:
Peaks in channels Af3 & Af4 (frontal lobe) when encountering other people, moving cars or cyclists.
Relative small peaks in channel P8 (left temporal lobe).
High levels of T7 & Pz (motor function area, and sensory association). It is common for these channels to have high values because the subject is moving constantly. However, certain peaks occur when looking at interesting shapes of buildings, objects or changing scenes (moving from a primary space to another).

For close-reading and further analysis, I am still trying to figure out EEGlab (Matlab plugin). For now, I will focus on the qualitative assessment by making “mindmaps” and compare it with the data of the subjects.


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