3D model runs

Creating simplified “visual worlds”, these Sketchup animations gave the opportunity to fully control the environment in composition and detail. Adding or subtracting SEE’s or PQA’s has shown interesting results in gaze behaviour. In theory, our visual system is always on the look-out for changes in our environment. More complex objects and surfaces evoke the Pavlovian “Sto ka?” or “What is it?” reaction, and keeps the mind curious for new and unknown stimuli. Too much visual stimuli can lead to overwhelming situations and stress, while too little stimuli can lead to visual deprivation.

The animation-runs show exactly this: more complex and humanly interfered PQA’s, such as dynamic façade elements, gardens, or parked bicycles, show longer gaze durations and higher alertness in the EEG. In the subtracted and more simple 3D model however, more quick-scans occur along the building volumes and the visual field.

Poptahof PQA’s

Poptahof Volumes


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